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Quick Installment Loans

Does your bank receive small dollar loan requests from time to time and you have to pass on them due to the unprofitable nature of making them? Do your customers have to fill out a 3-4 page loan application form online or at your bank for an unsecured debt consolidation loan, a home improvement loan, […]

Digital Lending to Attract Millennials and Gen Z’s

For years community banks have tried to attract younger consumers to replace older customers whose deposits generally leave the bank when they pass away. Also, baby boomers and the silent generation born before 1959 tend to be deposit gatherers rather than borrowers. During the pandemic in 2020 that continues on in 2022, consumer buying habits […]

Quilo Gives Banks a Chance

Strunk has recently partnered with Quilo to provide community banks the opportunity to make small dollar installment loans profitably through your mobile banking app. The Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) craze is here to stay and you may have recently seen where Amazon has teamed up with Affirm to provide this service. Are you going […]