Arm Lenders To Win More Deals

And Meet Profitability Targets

Pricing Manager

A fully hosted, web based solution that allows you to deploy a tool to all of your lenders so that they are armed to price loans profitably based on your target profitability objectives.

Key Benefits

  • Arm Lenders with Tools They Need
  • React to Changing Environment
  • Drive Pricing Consistency
  • Improve Profitability
  • Give Clients Options
  • Understand Drivers of Profitability
  • Win More Deals
View All Loans

Keep all loans at your fingertips and quickly sort by type, customer or user.

Loan Details

Click on any loan in your portfolio and see all the details, including profitability

ROE Targets

View the profitability of each deal with ROE targets highlighted

Pricing Power

Include the pricing power of deposits on every deal.

Loan Type Reporting

Create loans by different types with all necessary detail.

A Winning Pricing Tool

  • Ability to vary rate, fee, term structure among other variables to understand the drivers of profitability and develop pricing options for your borrowers that all achieve your target ROE
  • Accommodates every type of loan instrument –
    CRE, C&I, Construction;
    Land Development; LOC;
    Unsecured Consumer Installment; Auto/Secured Consumer Installment; Residential Real Estate; Closed Home Equity; and HELOC
  • You can add in deposit relationships to see how much ‘pricing power’ they bring to the loan Assess
  • Built in assumptions for loan origination, loan servicing and cost of funds – COF statistics update automatically on a weekly basis from FHLB
  • Includes ability to vary risk assumption
  • Ability to customize your own origination and servicing cost assumptions or use Strunk’s standards
  • Supports all interest calculation methods

Ensure all of your lenders price loans based on your target profitability objectives.

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