Grow Profitability

Building Better Margins Since 1976

Since the beginning, Stunk has been teaching community financial institutions how to leverage the latest rules, regulations and technology to improve bottom lines. Today we continue to create tools and leverage partnerships to make sure your community financial institution makes good margin on every transaction.


Arm Lenders To Win More Deals

A fully hosted, web based solution that allows you to deploy a tool to all of your lenders so that they are armed to price loans profitably based on your target profitability objectives.

Key Features

  • Arm Lenders with Tools They Need
  • React to Changing Environment
  • Drive Pricing Consistency
  • Improve Profitability
  • Give Clients Options
  • Understand Drivers of Profitability
  • Win More Deals


Consulting services and the best software to ensure your ODP program’s on-going success

As regulatory scrutiny increases our compliance guarantee is even more valuable than ever. With returned checks and rep resentment under fire by regulators our ODP program provides customers with a high level of service by paying for the item instead of returning it.

Key Features

  • Account Inquiry
  • Standard & Custom Letters
  • Management Reports
  • Searchable Event History
  • Enhanced Customer Notifications
  • One-click Report Export To Excel
  • Email Of Letters
  • Automatic Monthly Updates
  • Future Regulatory Modifications
  • Access From Any Operating System


Stop The Bleeding With Secure Checking

Pre-tax income has been on the decline over the last several years. With Strunk’s help, your community financial institution is just 150 days from reversing course. Don’t waste another day losing margin, give us a call now.

Key Features

  • Significant, differentiating enhancement to your core checking product
  • Pre-Tax income increases by $50 per year per account
  • FI income increases by $2.0 million per 10,000 accounts over five years
  • Your consumers still receive your high quality services for less than it costs you to provide them


Instant. Stress-Free. Fixed Installments.

Quilo is an all digital, unsecured personal installment loan to make a purchase online or in store, pay down credit card balances or replenish a checking account for recent debit card purchases.

Key Features

  • As a community FI, take advantage of the lowest Cost of Funds and generate high-yield ROA while offering a competitively lower rate than FinTech lenders and major credit card issuers.
  • Since 2018, the all digital, installment loan segment has been growing at 44% among Millennials and Gen Z.
  • Attract new business to your financial institution by offering small businesses a way to boost sales by 31% offering instant financing to their customers.

Start managing risk across your organization with the click of a mouse.

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