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We have the tools and partnerships to make sure your community financial institution makes good margin on every transaction.

Our Risk Manager software ensures your community financial institution stays in compliance and gives you back valuable man hours.

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We LOVE to show off our software and how it helps increase profitability and streamline the compliance/risk management process.

Overdraft Privilege

Maximize program performance and ensure compliance with our flagship service and hosted software application. We are committed to your ODP program’s on-going success.

Pricing Manager

Our solution allows you to deploy a tool to all of your lenders so that they are armed to price loans profitably based on your target profitability objectives.

Risk Manager

Automated tools for organizations to assess existing compliance according to regulator-driven risk assessment frameworks, establish and maintain policies and track periodic internal testing.

You might need our software if …

Most community FIs overprice the best, most profitable customers and underprice the smallest, least profitable customers.

In traditional situations, organizations have to deal with hundreds of policy documents spread across different computers and file systems. Managing these collections of miscellaneous documents, including tracking responsibility, changes and approvals, can be a major headache.

With hundreds of policies residing on different computers and file systems, figuring out which is the latest, approved version can be confusing.

Policy management is usually shared across many different departments. Passing traditional documents back and forth via email, or even via a shared file folder, is error-prone and inefficient.

Do you know the profitability of your commercial customer relationships? If not, Strunk can help. Our Pricing Manager solution provides a robust relationship profitability feature. Easily determine the profitability of each customer and then make future pricing decisions based on that knowledge.

The whole point of policy management is ensuring your organization has policies that appropriately address risk—and that you actually follow those policies. Once an organization gets to a certain size it can be difficult for senior leadership to monitor the effectiveness of the program confidently and to demonstrate its effectiveness to outside stakeholders.

Can you demonstrate to senior management and outside stakeholders that your organization’s employees are knowledgeable about your policies?

With traditional situations, it can take many man hours of organization time to produce documents and answer auditor questions so they can complete their work.

Liquidity, which only several months back was far from a consideration, is now becoming a concern for many community FIs. Only 12-18 months ago pricing wasn’t a particularly complex equation for many community FIs given the economic environment at the time. But that has changed dramatically. Has your approach to pricing?

Senior leaders and outside stakeholders want proof that the organization has assessed the risks it faces systematically. These assessments can include hundreds of questions and take weeks to complete.

Documenting your program for assessing and monitoring critical external vendors is often time-consuming and error-prone.

There are GRC software solutions out there, but they suffer from two problems. One, they are so expensive you could never convince management to put them in the budget and, two, they are so complicated you would have to hire additional staff to make them work.