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Overdraft Privilege Provides a Much Needed Service

Before the early 1990’s, banks typically returned all items that would cause an overdraft on a consumer checking account. When overdraft privilege programs started consumers were thrilled that their overdrawn items wouldn’t automatically be returned to the merchant. Thirty years later, Strunk, the pioneer of overdraft programs, is still helping banks provide efficient, compliant overdraft […]

Is your bank prepared to offer Digital Lending to your customers?

Digital banking has been around for years on the deposit side of the house but most banks don’t have a solution to make installment loans quickly and profitably. Fintech’s and other financial services providers have eaten our lunch when it comes to consumer lending since credit cards became a prevalent method for paying for purchases […]

Bankers: How can you help your Small Business Customers Increase Sales?

Many small businesses would like to do more business with their community bank to help their customers finance large purchases. Unfortunately, digital lending programs from the Fintech’s have made bank’s lending products for customers of your small businesses a secondary choice. Companies like GreenSky (now owned by Goldman Sachs) and CareCredit are providing a source […]