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The importance of focusing on capital and ROE when pricing commercial loans

Mega banks and major regional banks all have very advanced loan pricing solutions. Not only that, but they are also getting more and more sophisticated. The complexity found within “big bank” pricing tools underscores the reason why community banks need to act and make progress toward adopting a more empirically based, formal pricing solution or […]

Quilo selected by the ICBA’s ThinkTECH Accelerator Program

Strunk is thrilled to announce that Quilo has been selected by the ICBA’s ThinkTECH Accelerator program as one of only 11 fintech companies to be part of the 2022 ThinkTECH cohort.  Additionally, ICBA has made an investment in Quilo. ThinkTECH is a community bank-focused fintech accelerator run in partnership with The Venture Center, and was […]

Tell Your Story … Before the Examiner Does

Most bankers understand the importance of explaining their philosophy, strategic direction, successes and challenges to directors, auditors, examiners, analysts, and even their fellow executives and employees. They know it’s always better to tell their story before opinions are formed and judgements made about the condition and direction of their institution. Waiting until questions are asked […]

The Four Compliance Commandments

We’ve spent a lot of time working on and thinking about Governance, Risk Management and Compliance. Whole books have been written on this subject and there are graduate-level university courses on it as well. But in the practical world, for most businesses we think the whole GRC universe can be boiled down to four basic principles […]

What About Dynamic Limits?

The concept of ‘dynamic overdraft limits’, where different customers get different limit amounts based on purported risk, was developed for very large FIs,  with the primary goal of reducing risk, with little regard for consumer convenience or fee income. At Strunk we believe dynamic limits are a bad idea. First let’s talk about risk versus […]

Law Firms Seeking Plaintiffs to Sue Credit Unions

Law firms have started using social media and web advertising to recruit class action plaintiffs to sue credit unions regarding their overdraft practices and disclosures. Demand letters or complaints filed may make several allegations, including: Violations of EFTA and Reg. E, even where the credit union uses the Model A-9 form. Breach of contract due […]