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Reg E Opt-In Options Presented in ODP Manager

How are you offering your customers the chance to opt in for Regulation E to choose ATM and everyday debit card coverage for Overdraft Privilege? There are four options for a customer to consent: in person, by mail, over the phone, or electronically. Strunk’s hosted ODP Manager software can help you provide your customers with […]

Replace Manual ODP Letter Processes with Ad Hoc Letters

ODP Manager uses the information from the daily extract file to create Collection letters to send to overdrawn accounts. The hosted software also generates Custom letters, for example, Welcome or Reinstatement letters, or letters confirming a Reg E Opt-In election. In addition to Collection letters and Custom letters, ODP Manager also offers Ad Hoc letters. […]

ODP Manager Management Reporting Suite

The hosted ODP Manager software includes a comprehensive and robust suite of key reports.  Daily users and management can both leverage these reports to ensure strong program performance and compliance. Daily reports are used to review the addition and removal of overdraft limits on individual accounts. Account level detail is listed on the New Accounts […]

Customize Your ODP Manager Letter Templates

Templates for all your necessary Collection and Custom letters are included with Strunk’s hosted ODP Manager software. We’ve provided the letter content for you but there are customizable letter template options to allow your letter appearance to be consistent with other letters sent by your institution. Do you have a standard letterhead that is used […]

Options to Display Your ODP Manager Information

Strunk’s hosted ODP Manager software features customized letters, comprehensive reporting, and advanced history tracking. It helps you access your financial institution’s overdraft program information in a format that is flexible and easy-to-use. After the daily extract file has been imported into ODP Manager, letters due and management reports are updated and ready to view. This […]

For Clients: Account Details in ODP Manager

In Strunk’s hosted ODP Manager Account Inquiry section, you are always able to review the account level data that is imported daily from your core extract file. Account Inquiry is also where ODP Manager retains the historical information about closed accounts. Users are able to combine different column views, query groups, and filters to identify […]

Maximize ODP Manager File Import Efficiency

Strunk’s hosted ODP Manager solution can help you streamline your file import process. ODP Manager requires you to update the software daily with the updated information from your core processor. Many institutions manage this process by having their users submit the file manually as part of their daily tasks during the workday. If you would […]