Issues Manager

Keep track of your compliance issues

Stay on Top of Issues and Incidents

A centralized database of all issues your organization is tracking across all departments

Issues List

Maintain database of issues and incidents

Issue Management

Assign responsibility; attach documents; assign priority and due dates; track status

PDF Reports

Generate PDF reports for auditors or external use

EFFECTIVE issue/incident management is an important contributor to effective risk management. Typical solutions, e.g. tracking issues using a collection of Excel spreadsheets, is inherently an inefficient, error-prone solution.

Use Issues Manager to:

  • Maintain a centralized database of all issues your organization is tracking
  • Organize issues by type and source
  • Assign responsibility to different users
  • Control read and edit access at the user and group level
  • Generate automated email alerts when issue status changes

Use Issue Manager to document all compliance issues from across your entire organization, including responsibility and status.


Strunk’s Risk Manager program is a great product that makes the risk assessment process easy to manage and is proving to be very helpful to us.

When I was Chief Risk Officer at a $750M bank, we implemented Strunk’s ERM Solution. It brought together all areas of the risk assessment process into one easy to use format and we eliminated the Excel spreadsheets. I highly recommend it for any size bank.

Strunk’s implementation of Risk Manager was excellent. Impressive software you all have developed.


  • Organizes all incidents and issues into secure, cloud-hosted database
  • Track issue resolution responsibility and status
  • Add attachments to any issue
  • Automated alerts for overdue issues

Compliance Commandments

  1. Know your risks
  2. Ensure policies mitigate key risks
  3. Trust, but verify
  4. Prove it

An independent certified public accountant has examined Strunk’s operations and found them to be in compliance with the AICPA’s Trust Service Principles. It was determined that Strunk meets the Security, Availability, Processing Integrity, Confidentiality, and Privacy criteria for SOC 2 established by the AICPA.