Controls Manager

Trust but verify

Trust, But Verify

Confirm your organization is following its policies

Testing status summary

Have all controls been tested timely and with passing results?

Policy/ Control map

Make sure you have a control in place to test every policy.

Drill down for details

… including testing history, related policies and attached documents.


Shows all tests conducted, or scheduled to be conducted, this month, along with responsibility and scores.


Record results, score; attach documents if needed

POLICIES are pointless unless the organization follows them. To ensure compliance, organizations must periodically test for compliance. Controls Manager facilitates this process in two steps.

Document your controls

Essentially your ‘recipes’ for testing compliance with a particular policy or policies.

Test those controls

Run the recipes and record the results. Use Controls Manager to:

  • Document your control procedures
  • Assign responsibility for different controls
  • Automate scheduling of control tests, including alerts
  • Record test results

With Controls Manager you can see at a glance all your controls, whether your testing is on schedule and if you have had any test failures.


When I was Chief Risk Officer at a $750M bank, we implemented Strunk’s ERM Solution. It brought together all areas of the risk assessment process into one easy to use format and we eliminated the Excel spreadsheets. I highly recommend it for any size bank.

Strunk’s implementation of Risk Manager was excellent. Impressive software you all have developed.

Strunk’s Risk Manager program is a great product that makes the risk assessment process easy to manage and is proving to be very helpful to us.

Strunk’s implementation of Risk Manager was excellent. Impressive software you all have developed.


  • Calendar provides status of control testing at a glance
  • Assign responsibility for control test
  • Provide automated alerts on upcoming or overdue control tests
  • Minimize duplicated controls by mapping controls to multiple policies/procedures
  • Tests, including attachments, are linked directly to controls

Compliance Commandments

  1. Know your risks
  2. Ensure policies mitigate key risks
  3. Trust, but verify
  4. Prove it