Skills Manager

Train your employees and test their knowledge

Train Your Staff

And make sure they are on top of the material

Slide Library

Maintain library of training slides, text-based or imported from PowerPoint or other graphics program.

Manage Courses

Assign slides to different “courses.” Re-use slides as needed for different purposes.

Users Take Courses

Users take assigned “courses” at their own pace.

Manage Question Vault

Maintain library of exam questions that test users’s knowledge of course material or general knowledge.

Manage Exams

Assign questions to different exams and assign exams to users.

Users Take Exams

System presents a random sub-set of questions to users, records responses, and confirms or corrects user answers.

FOR policies to be effective, employees need to know what they are. It follows that an organization should periodically test its employees’ knowledge of key policies. Policy Manager can track your employees’ assertions they have read your policies.

Skills Manager lets you determine if they remember key aspects of your policies. Skills Manager can also provide simple online training experiences to help your employees brush up on key policy details.

Use Skills Manager to train and test your employees’ knowledge.


  • Create a library of exam questions
  • Assign questions to exams and exams to users
  • Set parameters for frequency with which users must take exams
  • Users take exams to show their knowledge of the material

Online Training

  • Create a library of training slides, either from text or exported from PowerPoint
  • Combine slides into courses
  • Assign courses to users and set parameters like passing score and merit score
  • Users take courses online at their leisure, stopping and picking up where they left off as needed

Use Skills Manager to put together simple online courses to train your employees on key policies. Then use the Exams module to test their knowledge.

Skills Manager also contains a user searchable document library for storing relevant reference materials.


Strunk’s implementation of Risk Manager was excellent. Impressive software you all have developed.

When I was Chief Risk Officer at a $750M bank, we implemented Strunk’s ERM Solution. It brought together all areas of the risk assessment process into one easy to use format and we eliminated the Excel spreadsheets. I highly recommend it for any size bank.

Strunk’s Risk Manager program is a great product that makes the risk assessment process easy to manage and is proving to be very helpful to us.


  • Create simple online exams to demonstrate employee proficiency
  • Employees take exams from anywhere, anytime
  • System corrects employee responses as necessary and tracks results
  • Central database showing that employees are knowledgable on key policies
Online Training
  • Create library of training slides or import from PowerPoint
  • Organize slides into courses and assign to employees
  • Employees can take courses from anywhere, anytime
  • Simple method to improve employee knowledge on key policies

Compliance Commandments

  1. Know your risks
  2. Ensure policies mitigate key risks
  3. Trust, but verify
  4. Prove it