Organize All of Your Policy
Documentation In The Cloud

Every organization wants to be sure it has adequate policies and procedures in place to address the risks it faces. The typical solution is a patchwork of PDFs, Word documents, PowerPoints and the like. Policy Manager organizes your hundreds of policy documents spread across different computers and file systems into a single database.

Organize policies into chapters

Assign editor and reader rights at the chapter level or policy level.

Drill down to chapter details

Summarizes policies in the chapter

Maintain individual policies
  • Clear ownership
  • Log all changes and approvals
  • Granular control over reader and editor access
  • Typical outline format
PDF versions

Generate PDFs for Board or external use. Generate final copy or redline identifying changes from prior version.

Criteria Based Auto-Assignment

Use specific parameters to dynamically assign documents to your users.


  • Organizes all your policies into a secure, reliable cloud-hosted database
  • Provides fine-grained access control for reading and editing
  • Automatically logs changes and approvals
  • PDF reports for board, auditor or external use
  • Maps policies to external risk frameworks and internal control procedures

Start managing risk across your organization with the click of a mouse.

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