Use our automated tools to ease your compliance burden

HIPAA is a comprehensive set of regulations meant to ensure data security and patient confidentiality. Compliance failures can result in significant fines. As such, managing HIPAA compliance should deserve more attention than a patchwork of spreadsheets, Word docs and PDFs can provide.

Strunk Risk Manager provides automated tools for

  • assessing existing compliance with HIPAA requirements
  • establishing and maintaining policies that ensure HIPAA compliance and
  • periodic internal testing to confirm your organization is following its policies.

Use our compliance checklist to identify compliance problem areas.

Manage your policies in a cloud-accessible database available to everyone who needs access. Track changes to policies with our red line tool, including approvals. Manage control procedures for testing policy compliance and recording test results.

Strunk Risk Manager allows you to create reader and editor groups to control who has access to policies and controls. You can log employee acknowledgement of reading policies or create tests for employees to take showing their knowledge of your policies.

All this information is hosted in a secure, structured cloud-based database that keeps everything organized and at your finger tips.

With Strunk Risk Manager your firm will be better prepared to ensure your data, customers, and reputation are protected from malicious or careless actors.


Strunk’s Risk Manager program is a great product that makes the risk assessment process easy to manage and is proving to be very helpful to us.

Our policy and control structure is very complex having both a broker/dealer and an investment advisory firm. Policy Manager allows us to easily organize a large volume of policies and maintain our control testing documentation all in one convenient place—a significant improvement over our previous process!

When I was Chief Risk Officer at a $750M bank, we implemented Strunk’s ERM Solution. It brought together all areas of the risk assessment process into one easy to use format and we eliminated the Excel spreadsheets. I highly recommend it for any size bank.

We adopted Strunk’s Policy Manager to centralize all policies and the related policy management functions into one system.  Everything is in one standard format, policy ownership and access is assigned and policy edits, approvals, employee and board review schedules are managed from one location.  Strunk was easy to work with throughout the project and was very open to adding enhancements to their program, adding value to our policy process.

Strunk’s implementation of Risk Manager was excellent. Impressive software you all have developed.

Compliance Commandments

  1. Know your risks
  2. Ensure policies mitigate key risks
  3. Trust, but verify
  4. Prove it

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