Quilo: Quick Installment Loan

When was the last time your lending team was excited when a customer came to the bank to borrow $750? My guess is nearly 40 years ago when credit cards took over unsecured installment lending business from community banks.

Each core processor has fees associated with booking a new installment loan and the average fee is at least $85 or more. So, if you make a $750 loan for one year at 7% interest your bank would make about $26 in interest income since the loan is amortizing each month. If a bank charged a $50 application fee then the customer would pay $76 and you would only lose $9 on that transaction…assuming there was no credit loss.

Quilo provides community banks a smartphone lending solution that provides instant access to installment loans from your bank. Consumers have 24/7 access to installment loans and no more taking an application online or in person and making a decision tomorrow or the next day. Quilo’s can be obtained in two minutes with the bank controlling the credit risk and return.

Digital banking has been around for some time but not on the lending side of the house. Younger consumers like to do almost everything on their cell phone. Why not allow them to get loans via their cell phone rather than just make deposits or transfer money.

We are thrilled to announce that Quilo was recognized as the Choice Award winner at the recent ICBA Convention in San Antonio.

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ICBA Live Winner of the Banker’s Choice Award 2022: QUILO

Strunk team members were thrilled to once again, be a part of the Independent Community Bankers Association’s biggest event, ICBA Live, hosted this year is San Antonio. This year, Strunk was proud to be a part of the team that introduced Quilo to the ICBA. In addition, Strunk was able to highlight their overdraft service and best-in-class governance, risk and compliance solution.

Quilo has been selected to be a part of the ICBA’s ThinkTECH Accelerator program, a community bank-focused fintech accelerator run in partnership with The Venture Center. The highlight of the ICBA Live event was certainly Quilo winning the ICBA’s Banker’s Choice Award for 2022!

Digital technology should be a top priority and Quilo is the #1 solution on the market – an all-digital loan and payment platform empowering community financial institutions to offer POS financing directly to account holders.

Quilos can be used for new purchases online or in store, to pay down credit card balances, or to replenish a checking account for debit card purchases. Account holders will experience stress-free, instant access to funds via the digital experience online and on mobile devices, while CFIs will enjoy net income up to 5% ROA.

If you have not had the chance to take a look at Quilo yet, now is the time!

To learn more please visit https://strunkaccess.com/landing-pages/quilo/

Strunk at the ABA’s Conference for Community Bankers 2022

For the first time in two years, the American Bankers Association hosted the Conference for Community Bankers in person February 20-22. Strunk’s associates were pleased to see old faces and new and to gather in the beautiful location of Palm Desert, California.

There were many engaging sessions offered, with a focus on community banks establishing use of Fintech solutions to remain competitive. In addition to highlighting their overdraft service and best-in-class governance, risk and compliance solution, Strunk introduced Quilo to this audience for the first time. Quilo is an all-digital loan and payment platform for community banks to offer POS financing direct to their account holders.

Quilos can be used for new purchases online or in store, to pay down credit card balances, or to replenish a checking account for debit card purchases. Banks can also set up alternative payment technology among their merchant clients as an additional revenue stream.

Customers will experience stress-free, instant access to funds via the digital experience online and on mobile devices, while banks will achieve an ROA up to 5%. ABA member banks were excited to learn about this new program that is truly a win-win for account holders and bankers alike.

For more information on Quilo, visit https://strunkaccess.com/landing-pages/quilo/.

Bankers: The Race is on to Attract Younger Customers

Nearly 70% of consumers currently use Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) services and the number is even higher for millennials and Gen Z’s. Community banks have battled for years to try to provide online banking, mobile banking and other services to keep and attract young customers when they leave for college and don’t come back home.

Now Fintech companies are providing services that your customers are using and they are literally taking consumers away from community banks right before banker’s eyes. When was the last time you checked on debits to your customer’s accounts going to Affirm, Klarna, Open Pay, Pay Pal and other digital lending solutions? When will these customers leave your bank for the high yield checking accounts these companies offer?

So far banks have been left of the sidelines and if you don’t act quickly there won’t be anything left to keep young customers from fleeing your bank. Consumers between the age of 22 and 40 are five times more likely to use buy now and pay for it over time than seniors and baby boomers.

Younger consumers are looking to spread out payments over time for larger purchases rather than pay for them with an evergreen credit card. They trust the bank and would rather do this business with you than a Fintech. The service has to be easy to use and convenient.

Quilo is the answer. Now is the time to disrupt the Fintech market and get in the game.

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Quilo selected by the ICBA’s ThinkTECH Accelerator Program

Strunk is thrilled to announce that Quilo has been selected by the ICBA’s ThinkTECH Accelerator program as one of only 11 fintech companies to be part of the 2022 ThinkTECH cohort.  Additionally, ICBA has made an investment in Quilo.

ThinkTECH is a community bank-focused fintech accelerator run in partnership with The Venture Center, and was designed to identify and foster community bank-enabled fintech partnerships. Through an intensive 12-week program, these promising fintechs will meet with community bank leaders, policymakers, and subject-matter experts to collaborate on fintech solutions tailored to the unique needs of community bankers.

Starting in 2019, ICBA ThinkTECH Accelerator was launched to connect community bankers and fintech visionaries to develop solutions specifically for the industry.

Quilo is an all-digital, unsecured personal installment loan solution that can be used three ways:

  1. Replenish checking account for debit card purchases
  2. Pay down credit card balances
  3. Make new purchases online or in store

The platform requires no integration with a banking core and because it’s all digital allows your staff to stay in control of the loan portfolio with minimal effort.  Additionally, it comes with a turn-key fully managed digital marketing campaign that is designed to attract your existing customers and promotes your brand to new customers locally.

To learn more about Quilo, contact Strunk at info@strunkaccess.com or 800.728.3116.

Digital Lending to Attract Millennials and Gen Z’s

For years community banks have tried to attract younger consumers to replace older customers whose deposits generally leave the bank when they pass away. Also, baby boomers and the silent generation born before 1959 tend to be deposit gatherers rather than borrowers.

During the pandemic in 2020 that continues on in 2022, consumer buying habits have changed as well. More purchases are being made online and companies like Amazon and Walmart have flourished. Paying for purchases when baby boomer bankers grew up were either on a lay-a-way plan at JC Penney or credit cards were used. Some merchants financed the sale so consumers in the 1970’s and 80’s could pay over time for their purchase.

As with many banking products providing a service that your customers want and need is imperative to survive. Evergreen credit cards that never seem to get paid off are somewhat out of favor with the younger generation. The Buy Now Pay Later business is expanding at warp speed and your customers love the simplicity of this relatively new service…unfortunately, banks are missing out on a big opportunity.

Bring in Digital Lending in 2022. Quilo has developed an easy to use yet sophisticated smartphone lending solution that enables your bank to participate in this prime lending business. Digital banking has been around for quite some time on the deposit side of the house but not lending…until now.

Take 45 minutes to see the demo of Quilo. You will be amazed what technology can do to attract younger consumers that are currently using Fintech companies for this service.

Consumer Lending Opportunity for Banks

Consumer lending has been a thing of the past for most community banks since credit cards took over unsecured small dollar lending in the 1980’s. Some banks try to compete with credit unions and auto companies for indirect car paper but that has diminished as well due to unprofitable low rates the competition is providing. Core processors have been slow to react to financial technology firms who are providing young consumers with products and services they want and use…digital lending.

Until now, community banks have been shut out of this market. Quilo is a digital lending tool that allows banks to make and underwrite the loans while allowing the smart phone app to fund, collect, and manage consumer loans profitably. Quilo provides instant access to loans of $250 or more through a virtual card on your customer’s phone. Consumers can also use Quilo to pay down or pay off high interest rate credit cards or replenish their checking account at your bank for recent debit card purchases.

Your bank has complete control over the credit risk. Maintaining minimum and average credit scores of the portfolio ensure that credit quality remains high. The Quilo scoring engine does a soft pull of the consumer’s credit bureau report to determine if a loan should be made and what amount. If the consumer qualifies and takes a “Quilo” the interest rate is calculated based on risk of loss, bank’s cost of funds and desired return, and processing costs. Typically the interest rate to the consumer will be between 8% and 12%. The term of each loan is determined by the consumer. The return to the bank is 5%-6%. A pretty good yield given today’s interest rate environment.

To set up a 45 minute demo of Quilo demo contact Strunk at info@strunkaccess.com or 800.728.3116.

Strunk at the WBA Lenders & Chief Credit Officers Conference

Last week the Western Bankers Association hosted its Lenders & Chief Credit Officers Conference, their first in-person event since early 2020. Strunk was excited to attend and to introduce Quilo, an instant installment loan solution directed at consumers.

The four day event was hosted at The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel and was packed full of content for bankers. The agenda included sessions on “Making and Sustaining an ‘All-Weather’ Credit Culture”, “Issues in Commercial Lending”, “Grow Loans and Protect Income Through Hedging” and a Legislative Update from Keven Gould, SVP – Director of Government Relations for the California Bankers Association.

Strunk’s CEO Dan Roderick was pleased to demo Quilo prior to the Interactive Discussion with Bank Chief Appraisers. Quilo is a fully turn-key FinTech consumer installment loan program that will allow you to tap into the EXPLOSIVE ‘buy-now-pay-later’ instant installment loan market to increase loan volume and margin.

Technology has changed the market for installment loans and Quilo can put community banks on the path to high loan growth and increased profitability. Quilo is a game changer. Utilizing the latest in technology, Quilo creates the opportunity to give consumers what they prefer.

Bankers were enthusiastic about the solution and we look forward to continued conversations with many of the conference attendees. If your bank is interested in growing your loan portfolio and improving your margin, let us show you how Quilo can make that happen.

Profitable Consumer Lending for Banks

Lay-a-way programs started in the 1930’s and became very popular with consumers in the 1970’s where a merchant would reserve an item for a consumer until a consumer completed payments for the item. This was a prevalent way to make purchases for Christmas presents. Then in the early 80’s, lay-a-way programs were replaced with credit cards. Community banks didn’t have a profitable way to compete. Now credit cards are being replaced with Buy Now Pay Later programs that flourished during the pandemic in 2020.

Except for the largest banks who offer credit cards, financial institutions have been left out of the installment lending business again just like 40 years ago. Bank’s core processors have been slow to adapt to the changing consumer purchasing landscape as millennials and Gen Z’s head to Fintech companies for financing.

Over ten years ago, Square produced a digital payments solution for small businesses that far exceeded any banking offer. Six years ago Quicken Loans became the first lender to perform electronic closings for home mortgages. Now Affirm, Klarna, Sezzle, Zip, Openpay and others have developed products that have kept the banks on the sidelines once again. When will banks have an opportunity to compete for consumer loans?

Strunk’s Quilo program provides instant access to consumer loans via mobile device that enables banks to compete in the changing world of consumer lending. Underwriting, funding, collections and reporting are all done through the Quilo solution and there is no hassle for the consumer or the bank. Controls are set up to meet the bank’s credit risk standards as well as the desired return. When was the last time your bank made a $600 loan profitably? Best guess is was at least four decades ago.

To see what you are missing out on contact Strunk at info@strunkaccess.com or 800.728.3116 for a 45 minute demo.

High Growth Installment Lending Solution

For the past 40 years banks have made it difficult for their customers to get a small dollar installment loan due to the unprofitable nature of doing so. Credit card company business has flourished since the late 1970’s and bankers have been left on the sidelines.

The old (and current) way of making consumer loans is expensive and tedious and bank core processors have been slow to develop lending solutions that make these small dollar loans easy to book and profitable at the same time. Some banks allow consumers to apply online but many still require their customers to fill out an application in person.

Historically, bankers confirm the information on the application, pull a credit bureau report, and underwrite the loan. If the customer still wants to borrow, loan documents are produced and signed, repayment source and schedule is prepared, and the new loan is funded on the bank’s lending platform.

For loans of less than $1,000 most bankers cringe at the thought of doing all of this work for the amount of interest they will earn. Some banks turn these customers away. Furthermore, the cost to put the installment loan on their core processor’s lending platform eats up most of the interest the bank would receive.

Quilo takes all of the hassle out of making these loans and it allows the consumer to have instant access to credit based on their borrowing capacity. The new way of lending is digital (smart phone) and it provides easy access to loans based on the bank’s underwriting criteria. Digital banking has been around on the deposit side for several years. Now you can offer digital banking on the lending side as well.

To see what you are missing out on contact Mike Sobba, President of Strunk at msobba@strunklp.com or 816-225-8793 for a 45 minute demo.